Why the name ParaWell Play?

Para – representing the Paralympic movement, opportunities for athletes with disabilities to participate, train and compete in various sports. The word para means alongside, beside and resembling.

Well – representing health & wellness, both physically and emotionally, prioritizing the importance of health for youth with a disability.

Parallel – representing the ability to move adjacent to one other, be side by side, following a path that goes the same direction, alongside each other but is not the same path. These paths do not end in the same spot and can go at different paces.

Parallel Play – defined as the ability for youth to be active beside each other, not influencing one another’s behavior. Youth are self-motivated but interested in what others are doing, playing alongside each other. This awareness of others doing similar, yet individualized movements help others to see different ways to do the same task and then modify their play accordingly.

Parallel play also promotes activities where youth are divided into small groups and work on the same activity. This gives everyone equal opportunity for active involvement.

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