What is the significance of the logo?

Within the logo you can see 2 distinct sets of parallel lines, representing youth with different abilities moving forward on a similar yet unique pathway. Two sets are used to represent that there is not one route that can be taken to get to the same place. The logo also has the embedded letter P within it, supporting the para sport opportunities and the need for everyone to be able to find play.

Within the logo there is a mountain and apex. Karen currently lives in an area where mountains are surrounding her and she understands the importance of setting individual or organizational goals.
There are 4 main services that are offered. The shape of the union of 4 circles is the shape of the outer edge of the logo.

Behind the main logo is a white background. This represents the idea of stacking, one idea stacked on another, and building skills and successes.

Finally, the colour choice of green / white is based on the connection that wellness and health have with nature, and the importance for all individuals to have opportunities to be active outside.

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